Cash Management Agreement Bpi

6. Acceptance of Deposits – The bank may accept your cash deposits or cheques or similar instruments such as payment vouchers/warrants. For cheque deposits, the bank only acts as your means of collection when receiving your cheques and other objects/documents to be recovered. They also agree to assume full responsibility for the accuracy, authenticity and validity of all notices that appear on cheques or other items deposited with the Bank. Draws may not be made against such cheque deposits until the actual payment has been received by the bank or the entire proceeds have been recovered by correspondence banks, in accordance with the existing rules and regulations of the BSP/Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC); or (ii) clearing or collection agreements with mail-order banks for foreign currency cheques. Termination/Suspension of Agreement/Use – The Bank reserves the right to enter into the Product Agreement, Terminate or suspend the Services, Facilities and Channels, or terminate or suspend all or part of your current or future use, if, among other things, you violate the corresponding Service Agreement, if you pose a security threat, if you provide false, inaccurate, inaccurate or incomplete information, or if the Bank believes that the Products, Services, Facilities or Channels are being used or suspected for fraudulent, criminal or illegal activities or for any reason, at any time, without notice. (d) Foreign Currency Deposits – Foreign currency withdrawals are subject to the availability of such notes. Fractions of currency may be paid in pesos at the discretion of the bank. Conversion rates from one currency to another are based on the bank`s dominant buying and selling prices.

Corporate accounts or other non-individual accounts – For corporate or other non-individual accounts, you continue to declare and warrant to the Bank that the incorporation and related documents, information and insurance contained in the relevant bank forms submitted for account opening are current, complete, true, accurate, accurate and that all appropriate and necessary capital measures have been taken to execute the documents. authorization. Instruments and agreements relating to the opening of accounts and the use of the Bank`s products, services, facilities and channels. .

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