Charles Schwab Visa Debit Card Agreement

Summary The Schwab One® account consists of brokerage and optional cheque services, as well as a visa® debit card issued by BNY Mellon Investment Servicing Trust Company. Visa terms® debit card are defined in the agreement of Charles Schwab – Co., Inc. Visa® Debit Card Agreement and Disclosure Statement. If you decide to hold a visa card®, you will receive your DebitCard agreement® and your new DebitCard card, Your Charles Schwab – Co., Inc. Inc. I quickly received a representative and asked what was going on — they realized I was trying to use my card at a blacklisted ATM, when it was a large bank. We calculate daily interest on the balance we are with. Daily interest expense is calculated by multiplying your ”daily adjusted interest balance” by the ”daily interest rate.” Typically, your reduced-rate credit balance is the balanced real balance of your short-term margin and account, plus the value of short-term securities and decreased the amount of credit offset in your cash account. If your daily adjusted repayment balance is reduced because you deposit a cheque or other item that will be returned to us later without pay, we can adjust your account to reflect the interest charges you incurred. I would also add to the list that you should always run your debit card as a credit (read ”The only correct answer to `Debit or Credit?` to learn more). You are responsible for commissions and other fees related to short selling and all remaining balances after hedging or closing a short position.

We may also need the date on which the previous ACH charge was recorded by that sender on your account, in order to obtain the company name and company identification number that were used by your sender and printed on your account statement. Alternatively, you can give us the name of the company and the company identification number if you know it. Due to the increase in your adjusted daily balance, the guarantees held in your account can no longer be sufficient. (See Section 5 ”Margin Maintenance Requirements,” Section 5 and ”Links and Liquidation,” Section 9.) The proceeds of the short sale are part of the guarantee that our guarantee loan guarantees you and you cannot withdraw these receipts from your account. You are responsible for all dividends paid on securities you borrowed for short selling purposes. If a clause in this agreement proves invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions will remain fully in force.

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