Doncaster Council Section 106 Agreement

In 2017, the unin named developer obtained permission to build 22 houses on abandoned land in Barton Lane, Armthorpe, provided the plan consists of six `affordable houses`, £48,000 for public space and five school places worth £60,000 at Armthorpe Southfield Primary School, in accordance with a Section 106 agreement. The Council received £10.4 million on some 70 projects that were granted building permits in 2013/2014. ”It can`t go beyond the ability of the people in the Council to spend that money – it`s kind of free money for us, and it`s blocked by layers of bureaucracy.” The council had also received £364,000 from a developer who had built new homes in Church Balk Gardens in Edenthorpe more than five years ago. In a report seen by Council members on Doncaster Council`s planning committee, the applicants attempted to fund the programme and found that lenders ”were unwilling to lend them the money due to the limited gross value of the development” and the ”associated risks” at the beginning of the plan. Steve Mawson, Chief Financial Officer of Doncaster Council, said: ”All unspent section 106 funds are earmarked for a number of developments, including affordable housing for the elderly, improvements to public open spaces, including the installation of new play equipment, and improvements to parks and forest areas developed in consultation with Council members and the municipality. The money comes from a planning law called Section 106 Agreements, which allows boards to get money from developers in exchange for granting building permits for projects. 1. Now that IGas has obtained the building permit (subject to compliance with section 106 and other conditions), the members of misson (sic) and the subsequent municipality wish IGas to present its plans for the development of the Misson Springs site until the restoration of the site. Please indicate the dates on which representatives of IGas are available. The site plans are presented as in the construction application, which has been the subject of extensive discussions. The main unknown is the actual moment of the activities. Despite this, IGas representatives would like to come and talk to the community, but until we know the details of the Section 106 agreement and have a clear timeline for construction, there is little value to be gained from a meeting.

We will contact you as soon as we know more. What are IGas` intentions regarding the calculation of the loan, the range of values it envisages and the proposed financial security rules? These issues are discussed and agreed with Nottinghamshire County Council. At the moment, we are waiting for a draft document within the meaning of Article 106, which will be submitted to us, so we cannot give more details at the moment. The agreement in Section 106 shall be an authentic instrument. 3. Can IGas confirm that other partners of PEDL 139/140 will participate in the financial loan in order to achieve values representative of their respective shares in PEDL? Can IGas confirm that its other partners in PEDL 139/140 are jointly and severally liable for recovery costs not covered by the total value of the loan? Yes, IGas and its partners are jointly and severally liable for these costs. Can IGas confirm that L Jackson and Son Ltd has been informed of its obligations under the Mineral Planning Directive directives if LGas is unable to meet its obligations to re-establish the site? Yes, we can confirm that L Jackson and Son Ltd are fully aware of their obligations.

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