Equity Holder Agreement

Companies must comply with the law. Businesses are registered in a specific jurisdiction (e.g. B state, province or country) and must comply with applicable legislation, for example. B the Canada Business Corporations Act or the B.C. Corporations Act. This legislation defines the principles of corporate governance – what can you do and can you not do, z.B. Who can be a director? Can a company issue shares? How do I buy or sell shares? etc. When a company is established, it files a memorandum and statute (depending on the jurisdiction) which are public documents submitted to the Registrar of Companies. A shareholders` agreement is confidential and its contents are not submitted or made public. 17.1 The company`s register of shareholders must indicate that the parties have entered into this shareholder agreement. 3.5 If more than one Bidder has given the Seller a Notice of Purchase in which it declares that it is willing to purchase the Shares offered for purchase of the Offered Shares, the Purchasers acquire all the Shares containing the Offered Shares in the report on which they are able to agree or, in the absence of an agreement, in the common shares of each Buyer.

calculated without reference to the seller`s actions. 2.8 Matters requiring a unanimous decision of the shareholders: 8.2. Transfer restrictions. To meet the objectives of this Agreement, any transfer, sale, assignment or charge of shares of the Company that does not meet the conditions of this Shareholders` Agreement is void. 4.1 Where each member of a group of shareholders holding the majority of the ordinary shares sends a notice of sale associated with the same external offer and, after notification of the external offer, to the tenderers referred to in Article 3, one or more of the target shareholders decide that they wish to sell their shares externally under the same conditions as the group is not entitled to do so: to sell, transfer or dispose of the shares offered, unless the foreign national acquires simultaneously and under the same conditions all the shares of the beneficiaries who wish to sell their shares. A shareholders` agreement works by setting the appropriate pricing of shares at the time of sale. The agreement also allows shareholders to make powerful and effective decisions about the type of stakeholders who could become future shareholders in the end. . . .

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