Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement

If you have a lease in common with someone, it means that you have exactly the same rights and duties as the other. For example, if one of you does not come with their share of the rent, the others must pay it instead. As a Scottish security tenant on the Council, the housing company or the housing co-op, your rent will probably be less than the rent charged by a private landlord. Your landlord has the right to increase your rent, but must cancel you at least four weeks in advance. In addition, they should consult you before increasing your rent and should always take your views into account. Most tenants of consulting and housing companies have a Scottish lease. The Scottish lease is the tenancy agreement you sign if you become a tenant of Aberdeenshire Council. 1.7 The legal commentary attached to the 2002 model should help the reader understand the content of each clause when the lease is introduced. The legal comment has not been updated. However, information on changes to tenant rights is contained in Part 2 of the 2014 Act[5] and in the explanatory notes accompanying the law. The tenants of Scottish Secure Tenancies have total security.

They have the right to stay in the house for as long as they wish, provided they do not violate the rental conditions. Partners or relatives may be allowed to take over the rental agreement if the tenant dies. For Short Scottish Secure Tenancies, tenants have security for the duration of the lease. 1.8 There is also legislation and secondary guidelines for safe scottish leases and the 2014 law as follows: A breach of the lease is the term used if you do not comply with the terms of your lease (for example. B, don`t pay rent, harass your neighbors). If an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) is served against you or someone who lives with you, your Scottish secure rental agreement can be converted into a short secure Scottish lease, which gives you more limited rights. There are other new reasons for terminating or amending a Scottish secure rental agreement in case of serious antisocial behaviour or serious offences in or around your property. We have the right to seek a court order to terminate the lease of a suitable property that is not inhabited by someone who needs accommodation.

If you were accommodated by us because you were homeless, you may have received a temporary rent until we could reinstate you permanently. Emergency accommodation tenants are not allowed to sell. 1.5 A number of clauses arise from other sources of the rule of law that are not specific to housing law but are not part of fundamental rights. These are not highlighted in the text. They are indicated in the legal submissions of the 2002 model. It is recommended that such clauses be maintained in any Scottish sheltered rental agreement. As a Scottish security tenant, your landlord must give you: if you were previously a safe or secure tenant of a housing company and your lease was converted into a Scottish lease in September 2002, you have additional rights.

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