Shaw Internet Agreement

When you first registered for your 2-year value plan, you would have received a copy of your contract via email. The copy is sent when you log in, so you may need to look back in your inbox to find the installation. Look directly at your valuePlan launch date. So basically, if you`re monthly for Internet is $84.90, then you have unlimited. If you pay $79.90, you will receive the 1024 limit. You can always call him and ask for unlimited, but I think it involves repeating your contract. A short time after I got the contract, they put something where there are 50 a month for the first year, then regularly 80 or something in the second year. Too bad for me, I think. It now seems that it is unlimited use of the Internet instead of 1024GB.

But I still have a 1024GB limit. Should I call him or will I not have it? Ask for a copy of your consent. The sample seems to give buyers the right 30 day I recently renewed my Shaw contract for 24 months and upgraded the XB6 with the 300/20 Cable plan. It`s not yet a month, but I would like to terminate the contract and move to Telus Fiber, which can not be installed at home. I was told that there was no additional 30 days if I signed a contract with Shaw, and that I would be on the hook for 15 x 24 months of contract. To view your current bill and value plan concept with the My Shaw app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store). You`ll find how long your value plan will run on the second page of your bill with your expenses being budgeted. You`ll see the action associated with ValuePlan and how long it will be active. Depends on the price you pay. When the Internet launched 150, the rate was $79.90 on the 2-year value plan. At the beginning of 2017, it was increased to 84.90 $US.

When they decided to leave without limit (which originally cost $99.90), they decided to make the $84.90 the standard for Unlimited. If you want to change so badly, use Telus registration credit to make up for your losses. Telus also has an additional 30 days if you want to change your mind and terminate a contract. If you want more details about your Shaw 2 Year ValuePlan, the best place to search is the original copy of once you are registered.

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