Agreement Introducing A New Partner In The Existing Partnership

That the parties of…………….. The party shall not be held liable for criminal proceedings instituted for the activity or work of the partnership company, or for the actions of the other partners or their collaborators or representatives, for and on behalf of or on behalf of the partnership company or for the purposes of the partnership enterprise. These partners are not liable for any civil or criminal liability vis-à-vis the partnership company or other partners. AND CONSIDERING that, up to the date of dissolution, accounts of the partnership activity have been drawn up and the total value of the assets as RS. including bank assets and unpaid debts, excluding the debts and liabilities of the company. 3. The activities of the enterprise shall be continued by the party of the third party, solely and as sole proprietor, from that date, and the parties to the first and second parts shall be deemed to have left the partnership and are not entitled to it, except to the extent indicated below. 2. That the partnership activity is that of..

whose seat is…….. The Parties may, by mutual agreement, carry on activities in other places, in another name or in another name and of such nature or nature as they deem appropriate from time to time. 4. The former partners shall be liable for the debts, liabilities and obligations of the former company and shall release the new partner and all assets and rights of the company from such debts, liabilities and obligations, as well as from any related proceedings, costs, rights and charges. That these partners are not and shall not be held liable for acts of criminal law for breaches or misdemeanours committed by other partners or employees or authorized representatives of the company under the Income Tax Act, customs law, exchange law, turnover tax law or other laws, central or state laws, rules or regulations. 9. That the net profit of the company, after deduction of all expenses, including rent, salaries, other establishment costs, interest and remuneration to be paid to the partners under this act of partnership or a complementary act, performed from time to time by the partners, be distributed and distributed among the partners in the following proportion: NOW, HENCE THIS DOCUMENT, taking into account the aforementioned modification / modification in the conditions of the partnership: While the partners carry out the operations of …….. under the name and style of M/s. …… EIB………… as regards the act of partnership..

……….. A partnership agreement replaces the state rules with the rules chosen by the parties. Partnerships that operate without an agreement are subject to standard state partnership legislation. A partnership contract helps the owners to control the activity by defining the business structure and the relationship between the partners. it describes the rights and obligations of the partners….

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