Saint Jean De Maurienne Agreement

Under his terms, France would be given the Adana region, while Italy would receive the rest of southwestern Anatolia, including Izmir (Smyrna). In 1919, Greek Prime Minister Eleutherios Venizelos, in obtaining permission from the Paris Peace Conference for Greece to occupy Izmir, ignored the provisions of the agreement, despite Italian opposition. ”It goes without saying that if, at any time, when peace is declared, the total or partial possession of the territory provided for in the Agreement between France, Great Britain, Italy and Russia on the Cession of Parts of the Ottoman Empire cannot be fully conceded to one or more of these Powers, then the interests of the Powers concerned shall again be duly taken into consideration.” It was a provisional agreement intended to settle Italian interests in the Middle East, in particular Article 9 of the Treaty of London (1915). .

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