Uds Sale Agreement

Previously, it was not mandatory to register the construction contract when a new apartment was purchased. Buyers recorded only the undivided share of land (UDS) and paid a royalty of 8% of the consideration mentioned in the agreement. Dear sir, I would like to buy a resale apartment that is 6 years old. In fact, the owner of the apartment, there is no mention of 2 Wheeler parking in the sheduled section, but ”….. with a proportional and inenne proportion of land with the right to facilitation ”. My question is – can I use the UDS as my legal 2-wheel parking lot or not. The state of sale is done with 7.7 percent of the PoA Law according to a 60 percent share of the UDS. The construction contract based on the 87% share of previous POA is also registered with this poA fee of 7.7 per cent. The manufacturer also confirms the rest of the UDS with them. As a general rule, there is a special section in the agreement that contains details of the UDS action, which is often expressed as a percentage (z.B. 0.75 per cent).

or in precise terms of square feet. Make sure the agreement speaks clearly of your undivided share in the country. The same number should be mentioned in the title name when the registration takes place. The new regime does not apply to construction contracts concluded before October 1. We have 132 apartments in our colony. All selling prices display the cost of the land as 41,400, but we have two types of apartment of different size. The UDS is not mentioned in the sales number. Now we`re going to demolish and rebuild. My request is that the payment of one-time land costs be equal to the area built. Clear pl I bought 2 bhk apartment at CasaGrand Hoody. Now in agreement copy you did not mention UDS -Undivided Share Country. When I inquired about this Casagrand executive, she replied, in accordance with the new guild lines of the RERA Act, that they did not require UDS in accordance with mension.

You said that at the time of possession, we would pass letters on to the authority and to me. This letter mentions the UDS. In a standard buyer-seller or owner-buyer agreement, a buyer`s undivided share of the land is clearly mentioned, either as a percentage (for example. B 1 per cent), or in a specific area (for example. B 500 sqft). To make sure you get your rightful share in this case, you could do simple maths and punctuate about it. We approached the owner on this matter and asked them to correct our sales status of our clear title, duly signed by the owner of the land. He says he will not provide any additional information, and when I asked for the cancellation, he advised me to sell the property after paying the balance of 10 percent, or he would withdraw 20 percent of the refund. I bought an apartment from a contractor. 11 flats.in of the building brochure all owners have their undivided shares and construction platform construction.

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