What Is Applecare Service Agreement

For customers whose products in their country, region or state of purchase fall under consumer protection legislation or regulations, the service coverage described in the system may not reflect all the rights and remedies conferred by these consumer protection laws and regulations. This may include the right of customers in California and other laws to extend the warranty period for the number of full days that the product was for warranty repairs outside the customer`s hands. In order to calculate the number of days that the warranty period is extended, Apple may require customers to submit the original sales document for your product and repair service documentation. Please also note that the information in the system does not reflect other additional programs that may expand Apple`s coverage, such as those described on the Repair Extension and Extension Programs page. The service coverage information described in the system is based on Apple`s purchase date. Depending on when or when you registered your product, the expected purchase date may be incorrect if you purchased it from an authorized Apple or Apple Store. If you feel the information is inaccurate, update the information by contacting Apple via the corresponding link on this page. Recently transmitted information and repair service warranty coverage cannot be reflected in the system`s data sets. Customers may not use the system for illegal or prohibited purposes, or to request illegal activities or other activities infringing on Apple`s rights or other activities. If you have acquired an AppleCare agreement, for example.

B the AppleCare protection plan, and that it is not displayed in your results, you may need to register your AppleCare agreement. If the expected expiration date of your technical phone support, limited warranty or AppleCare agreement for your serial number is incorrect, please contact us. You must send the original sales receipt of your product to Apple so that we can update your purchase date.

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