Field Service Agreement Template

In the agreement, set the state field from the active system. This triggers the creation of booking data representing the date service to be performed. If you don`t want to use incident types, you can simply add products, services and service tasks directly to the agreement. System status: defines whether the agreement is running. Set the treasures as you create a new chord and add details. We will later bet on Active when we are ready to start executing work orders and sending invoices. A review of the agreement is also displayed in the Settings section. If contract work increases, you must decide to add multiple match incidents to a single repetition or add multiple repetitions with one or more incidents. There are a few things to remember: service agreements allow you to group a number of work orders that have an initial ”pre-service” service with a contract followed by recurring services. Create z.B an initial termite service for $1000 and an annual recurring service for $125 as a bundled package.

Click – Add recurring services: The service may be the same as the original service or another service you created specifically for repetition. Let`s set up the scenario in which a customer pays a quarterly amount to a foreign service organization for a service plan. In the Flexibility before booking and flexibility after booking, you indicate the number of days to be expected before and after the expected contract date. These fill the Start of the date fields and date window in the work orders generated to help the calendar assistant. If you want to do monthly maintenance on the 8th of each month. B and set flexibility to 7 days before and after booking, work orders can be scheduled between the 1st and 15th of each month. In the Billing Products section, add the products you want to charge to The Debitor on a regular basis. The price of billing products is derived from the agreement`s price list. Each contract may have one or more billing parameters. I think you can imagine that they work in a very similar way to a booking setup.

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