Shared Well Agreement Snohomish County

WRIA 3 or WRIA 4 (Upper and Lower Skagit, including Carpenter/Fisher Basin) (WAC 173-503) – A mitigation plan approved by the Washington Department of State for Ecology (DOE) is required prior to granting county permits. (Applicants can contact doE for more information). The Landkreis is currently reviewing the new state legislation and will provide guidelines for subdivisions – shortly. WRIA Specific Requirements for Drilling Without Authorization (Find Your WRIA) We license and regulate drills and provide continuing education resources. Well drills and landowners have a responsibility to ensure legal and safe access to groundwater. Water is not a property right in Washington State. There are many competing uses of water; Some parts of the state may not have enough water available for new wells or may be closed for future withdrawals. This agreement is concluded when the property is sold to a new owner with a common well. The process of signing the agreement will not take much time. The Washington State Well Report (Journal) Viewer allows you to search and view detailed records of the construction and basement properties of individual drill wells. Well reports also contain information about the location, the name of the owner, the name of the drill, and the amount of water produced by a well. Important information for private well water owners – Learn how to test your well water. Well Construction Manual – Learn more about the steps to legally drill a well on your property.

Well closure – Landowners must work with licensed drilling to decommission abandoned wells (close-up). This is especially important when the well poses a threat to the environment, safety or public health. The federal state legislature has adopted new rules (ESSB 6091 (PDF)) to remove uncertainties related to an October 2016 Supreme Court decision (known as the Hirst decision (PDF)) regarding the use of wells for residential purposes primarily in rural areas of the county. The law entered into force on 19 January 2018 and indicates how the Landkreis can authorise applications for building and subdivision permits. For the new building, we recommend having a septic designer on site to determine the possible locations for a septic system and well.. . . .

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